Our new ‘Go for It Grant’ initiative provides organisations, youth groups and charities the opportunity to benefit from funding awarded by the Town Foundation.

Grants of up to £1000 per application are available for projects that can demonstrate a benefit to their local community, as well as originality and innovation.

To be considered for a grant, you must be able to demonstrate a genuine community-focused project and accurately complete our short application process.

Go For It Grant Funding Criteria

To apply for a Go For It Grant, groups do not necessarily have to be a charity. However, the project funded must have a charitable purpose (i.e. a benefit to the local community)

Below you will find examples of the type or organisations and projects that are not eligible to be considered for a Town Foundation Go For It Grant:

Social enterprises (including CICS, IPS or Credit Unions except for non-core activity);

Grant or loan schemes;

Political campaigns;


Statutory bodies;

A private profit making organisation / commercial enterprise;

Projects for the sole benefit of any individual;

Specific religious worship (excluding other groups);

School trips during school time;

Projects administered by a third party;

Projects that could reasonably be expected to secure finance by other means

Projects with non-charitable purposes.

Application Form

Thank you for your interest, however applications are currently closed.

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