Town Delivers Reading Diaries

The Town Foundation – the registered charity affiliated to Huddersfield Town – has today started to deliver 15,000 reading diaries to schools across Kirklees ready for the new school term!

Town’s Club Ambassador Andy Booth is heading up the team that’s delivering thousands of the diaries, which allow pupils and parents to read together and track their progress, to 70 schools across our region.

The schools have been selected in tandem with the Club’s Schools Partnership scheme, which has forged links with hundreds of schools across Kirklees during the ‘New Era’ of the Club under Chairman Dean Hoyle.

Boothy is pictured above with ‘Captain Booth’, the Town Foundation’s new mascot based on the popular cartoon of Andy from last season’s original reading diaries, alongside several key figures that have made the reading diaries possible.

The reading diaries have been produced in partnership with Town’s Club Partner Igloo Books, whereas the artwork has been designed by Kid Premiership; Caroline Lee and Alan Hardy from Kid Premiership are pictured to the right of ‘Captain Booth’ at Canalside alongside Club Ambassador Andy Booth, Huddersfield Town’s Schools Coordinator Rachael Taylor and the Town Foundation’s Corporate Fundraising Officer Mandy Taylor.

The reading diaries were first produced by the charity last season – click HERE and HERE for full information.

Mandy Taylor explained:

“One of the most important skills any child can leave primary school with is the ability to read independently and effectively and we’re delighted the Town Foundation can play a role in this.

“The reading diaries were immensely popular with children, parents and schools alike last season and we’re delighted we can produce another edition this school term.

“The production of these new diaries wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Igloo Books and Kid Premiership and on behalf of the charity I would like to thank them for their invaluable help. Thanks to their generosity we’ve been able to expand this year’s distribution to an incredible 15,000 diaries, which will see us make an even bigger difference across the area.

“Huddersfield Town’s wide network of contacts within local schools has also been integral when it’s come to distribute the diaries and that task has begun in earnest today. We’re working with several school partners and hopefully some of the other schools will become partners in due course.

“We can’t wait to see the diaries being used and making a difference this school term.”