Extra Curricular Activity

Our Sports Department are keen to build sporting links with local schools.

Through the motivational power of sport, and in particular football, we aim to develop childrens’ personal skills; improve their academic achievement; build self-esteem; and encourage healthy lifestyles.

As a Foundation, we are proud to offer quality sports provisions to a network of schools throughout the calendar year. These are delivered by our FA qualified coaching staff who not only act as coaches, but also positive role models for young participants.

Lunch Clubs

Lunch times present an excellent opportunity for our staff to deliver fun and active lunchtime sports challenges to engage children in physical activity. These can assist in reducing behavioural issues, which often arise during any school break. The cost of lunch clubs to the school is £25.00 per hour.

After school clubs

Our after school clubs usually last for one hour and can include any sporting activity you would like us to deliver. After school clubs can be open to all or tailored to a particular school age group. They run at a cost of £3.00 per child per session and can be funded by parents or through school funds.

Half Day Packages

New for 2019! Schools can access half day PPA packages for as little as £100 per day. All PPA packages include one extra curricular activity and one lunch club. Activities delivered within PPA time can include Physical Education, Reading or a combination of both.

Morning Package
Early morning activity club*, 2 hours PPA, lunch club     Cost: £100 per day**

Afternoon Package
Lunch club, 2 hours PPA, after school club*                      Cost: £100 per day**

*for up to 16 children

**additional children will be charged at £3 per child

Sponsored Activity

Our sponsored activities provide schools with the chance to raise funds while their pupils take part in a fun activity. Sponsored events usually take the form of a penalty shoot-out, where each child in school collects sponsors to take up to five penalties on the day of the event.

There are prizes and incentives on offer for high levels of fundraising and all money raised is split equally between The Huddersfield Town Foundation and the school.

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