Dean Hoyle’s Foundation Digest

The Chairman’s update on the Town Foundation

Although the result on the pitch on Saturday was disappointing, off it, Adam Clayton’s beard took centre stage in aid of the Town Foundation.

Over the last couple of months Adam, with the help of the Foundation, has attempted to raise money for the charity by pledging to keep his beard until the end of the season. However, he took it one stage further last Saturday by dying it blue and white for its final outing!

Images of Adam’s beard achieved a lot of publicity and I am delighted to say that over £3,000 has now been raised to date.

I would like to thank Adam and everyone who has contributed; you are making a difference!

If you like, you can still donate by visiting

Away from beards, I am delighted to write that over 15,000 Foundation Reading Diaries have now been distributed across Kirklees. The diaries allow pupils and parents to read together and track their progress, whilst including important messages communicated through football. Kid Premiership, Igloo Books and KMC Doc Solutions Department have all been instrumental in helping us to design, print and distribute the diaries.

Finally, the Town Foundation was a prominent theme at our Good Friday Funday (click HERE for the review) at PPG Canalside. £128.50 was raised on the day through donations and Club Partner Barclays, who arranged for the Premier League trophy to be on show, have promised to match that figure.

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