Focus On Fruitypot

The Town Foundation Early Kick-Off Breakfast Clubs wouldn’t be able to ‘make the difference’ if it wasn’t for the superb financial support and donations we receive from our supporters and Foundation Friends.

One business that has made a substantial difference to the success of The Town Foundation is Bradley based food supplier, Caterers Choice. The firm has been instrumental to the charities success from the start, with donations of its healthy potted fruit product, Fruitypot, and ongoing monetary donations.

From 2012 and moving into 2013, Caterers Choice provided Fruitypot, Raisins and other product free of charge. As the number of clubs within the region increased the firm now supplies everything at cost, and goodwill gestures including free cinema trips for the Breakfast Club children.

Our Early Kick Off Kids have easily consumed over 100,000 Caterers Choice Fruitypot products, with the Mandarin flavour being one of the favourite!

Mandy Taylor, Corporate Fundraising Officer, at The Town Foundation, commented: “Our Early Kick Off Breakfast Clubs offer businesses a great opportunity to fulfil their CSR objectives and make a real difference to children our community. I wish to express our sincere thanks to Sarah and Brian at Caterers Choice for their ongoing support.”