1,000 Miles In 23 Hours!

“Tired and saddle-sore, but pleased!” 

That was the first reaction from Huddersfield Town Club Chaplain Dudley Martin after he completed the ‘Saddle-Sore 1000’ motorbike ride last week; an internationally recognised long distance motorcycle challenge administered by the ‘Iron Butt Association’ (IBA).  

IBA Challenges are regularly organised to facilitate fund raising for charities and worthy causes and Dudley organised the ‘Saddle-Sore 1000’ challenge on Friday 12 June 2015 to raise money for the Town Foundation. 

Having set off from Town’s PPG Canalside complex at 7pm on Friday, Dudley and two colleagues rode 1,000 miles to John O’Groats and back in 24 hours. 

On top of fundraising for the Town Foundation, Dudley also organised the challenge in memory of his brother, Nigel, on the 10th anniversary of his sad loss in a motorcycle collision. 

Dudley explained: 

“I am pleased to have successfully completed the ‘IBA Saddle-Sore 1000’ motorcycle challenge in memory of my brother, Nigel Martin and in support of the Town Foundation.   

“I managed 1,022 miles in 22 hours and 55 minutes including refuelling, rest and refreshment brakes. 

“It was mentally and physically very challenging and should not be undertaken without appropriate planning and regard to safety.  

“I was particularly grateful to Town Foundation supporter, Chris Bane, who turned out at 4.30am to meet us at John O’Groats with refreshments and a warm vehicle to rest in.  

“Mega-thanks to all who have already sponsored me. If you haven’t yet done so, sponsorship would still be most welcome!” 

Supporters can still sponsor Dudley’s bike ride by clicking HERE to access his Just Giving page.  

The Town Foundation’s Mandy Taylor added: 

“Congratulations must go to Dudley, as this is a terrific achievement in under 24 hours! Hopefully as many people as possible can recognise what he managed by sponsoring him. “I’d also like to add my thanks to Foundation supporter Chris Bane for the time he gave to support Dudley and his team; it really is appreciated.

“I would also like to thank Lewis James for its goodwill gesture of covering the cost of fuel for Dudley’s ride.”