Orchard Fm Announces 12 Month Deal With Early Kick Off Breakfast Clubs

Orchard Facilities Management is backing Town Foundation’s Early Kick Off breakfast clubs in a 12 month deal that will deliver financial, practical and educational support to local schools. 

The Early Kick-Off breakfast club project has served more than 450,000 breakfasts since its launch in October 2012 and is currently providing over 5,000 free breakfasts per week to local school children in 18 schools, many whom may not have eaten a healthy hot meal since lunchtime the day before. 

Gareth Henderson, managing director of Orchard Facilities Management, said he had always been a staunch supporter of the initiative and was looking forward to working more closely with the schools involved in the project in the year ahead. 

“The difference Early Kick-Off makes to children in Kirklees is huge and many of those who would otherwise arrive at school hungry are now able to start each day with a healthy meal in a warm and friendly environment,” he said.

“There is plenty of evidence to suggest that breakfast clubs are playing an important role in improving children’s behaviour and performance, reducing truancy levels and boosting the health of primary school pupils,” he added. 

“Orchard is keen to do everything it can to support the hard work and dedication of Town Foundation and its many volunteers in our local schools.”

As well as donating financially, Orchard FM will be Town Foundation’s facilities management partner, providing the operational services it needs to run smoothly. Orchard’s recycling experts will also offer to go into schools to teach pupils about the benefits of recycling and how to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. 

“By sharing our expertise with the next generation we hope they will grow up with a strong awareness of the importance of being environmentally responsible,” said Mr Henderson. 

Schools will be offered a free waste and facilities management audit to help identify where they can reduce their environmental impact and how to improve operational efficiency to reduce costs. 

“We have been working for local businesses for more than 10 years to save them time and money and we can offer the same benefits to schools, making them cleaner, greener and more streamlined,” Mr Henderson added. 

Mandy Taylor of Town Foundation said:

“It is an honour to learn that Orchard FM have chosen to support our children’s charity in such a varied and valued manner. The company clearly has a real understanding of corporate social responsibility and charity at heart and we do look forward to our partnership this year.”