Town Foundation Opens Unique Breakfast Club

The Town Foundation opened an ‘Early Kick-Off Breakfast Club’ with a difference on Wednesday 19 September at Upper Batley Boys’ High School.

The 33rd Breakfast Club was launched to give boys from Upper Batley Boys’ High School a place to have a healthy breakfast, learn life skills and to be mentored by teachers at the school.

Prior to the involvement from the Town Foundation, staff members at the school were funding a special breakfast area for these boys allowing them to have a safe space, making them feel comfortable and at home when they come to school.

After hearing the story, the Town Foundation immediately got involved and has had an instant impact on the school and the children.

Upper Batley Boys’ High School was able to renovate the breakfast room changing the table, chairs and carpets as well as bringing in a brand-new refrigerator. Not only this, but the students – who are in Year 8 to Year 11 – were given a wider choice of food, being able to choose from toast, cereal, yoghurts, crumpets and much more!

The aim of this Breakfast Club is not only to give the youngsters a positive start to the day, it’s also to help provide them with life skills as they make their own breakfast, converse with each other and have the opportunity to play on video games together, essentially to help their social and emotional wellbeing.

A number of Town Foundation staff were in attendance alongside Jeanette Cartwright from Kirklees Catering.

The Town Foundation’s Head of Operations and Events, Julie Sheffield, commented:

“When I first came to this school, I knew we could make a massive difference to students’ lives straight away.

“The effort and thought put in by all the staff to help these children have the right start to each day is remarkable.

“You could see how positively the youngsters were reacting to the new room and to the extra breakfast options. We are so proud that we’ve been able to help everyone involved.

“We want to continue to make a difference in the local community with our ‘Early Kick-Off Breakfast Clubs’ and I can’t wait to see how the scheme will continue to grow.”