The Huddersfield Town Foundation concludes its two-weeks’ worth of Foodbank Fortnight activities which resulted in hundreds of food and survival parcels donated to help the homeless as part of their new initiative.

The Huddersfield Town Foundation received over 2,574 donations as part of their Foodbank Fortnight event which enabled Huddersfield Town’s Official Club Charity to donate enough food to feed 160 people a weeks’ worth of food.

The Huddersfield Town Foundation launched Foodbank Fortnight on Monday 14 October with a ‘Fans for Foodbanks’ collection at Danny and Nicky Cowley’s Q&A at The Gasworks Club.

The Foodbank Fortnight initiative aimed to raise awareness for World Food Day and included a number of activities to demonstration the need to help our local community foodbanks. The two-week event provided a further outreach of ‘Fans for Foodbanks’ collection points across Kirklees to reach the wider community with this initiative.

The Huddersfield Town Foundation facilitated ‘Fans for Foodbanks’ collection points at several events including, the Little Big Sleep out, Huddersfield Town HudderFirework Spectacular and both the Barnsley and Middlesbrough home fixtures.

The children involved in the Little Big Sleep Out donated 864 items to our Foodbank Fortnight campaign which included 568 food donations, 223 toiletries and 73 homelessness survival kits.

Andy Needham from Approved Foods who kindly supported the Little Big Sleep Out event with refreshments has generously offered to double the amount of donations from the Little Big Sleep Out to further assist our local foodbank beneficiaries.

Hightown Junior & Infant School also donated all of their Harvest Festival donations to the Huddersfield Town Foundation’s Foodbank Fortnight initiative which helped the charity to educate children of a young age the importance of foodbanks.

Many local businesses also signed-up to be a part of Foodbank Fortnight and hold a ‘Fans for Foodbanks’ collection point in their premises for employees, clients and customers to all. Core Facility Services, Simpson Wood Chartered Accountants, One17 Design, Lousie Woollard Financial, Maze 8 Recruitment, Thornhill Dental Surgery, Paxman Scalp Cooling, Brewfitt and Stafflex all provided a collection point and donated hundreds of items to help our local community.

The Huddersfield Town Foundation facilitated a ‘road show’ as part of Foodbank Fortnight to collect the donations from each of the companies and to distribute these out to The Welcome Centre and Batley Foodbank.

Lisa Bottomley, Huddersfield Town Foundation Fundraising Coordinator, commented:

“I am absolutely stunned with the success of Foodbank Fortnight.

“The event has been a huge success in raising awareness for the Huddersfield Town Foundation’s ‘Fans for Foodbanks’ initiative, World Food Day and the need for foodbanks in our local community.

“For lots of people to get involved with the Huddersfield Town Foundation and support our event is fantastic and I cannot thank everyone enough for all their donations.

“For these donations to fed 160 people a weeks’ worth of food is truly phenomenal and I can’t emphasise enough the huge positive difference this will have on our local community.

The Huddersfield Town Foundation facilitate a ‘Fans for Foodbanks’ collection points at every Huddersfield Town home fixture. For more information please follow the Huddersfield Town Foundation’s social media accounts to keep up with their ‘Fans for Foodbanks’ activity.