The Huddersfield Town Foundation’s Steps to Success programme makes strides in local secondary school!

Steps to Success aims to work with identified students to provide extra support in order to help them reach their full potential.

The programme is developed by the Huddersfield Town Foundation in partnership with secondary schools across Kirklees.

Holmfirth High School are one of seven partner schools that have engaged with the Steps to Success programme during the 2019/20 season. Town Foundation staff have predominantly been working with their Year 11 students on their GCSE strategy using one to one mentoring and small group interventions.

One of the many benefits of the programme is that Town Foundation staff are able to offer an independent voice to the students and a fresh perspective on their personal circumstances. They also offer reward incentives for good behaviour, such as match day tickets.

In discussing the programme, Holmfirth’s headteacher, Ben Stitchman commented:

“This is the first time in my teaching career that I have been completely convinced that a mentoring programme has had a significant impact on the young people involved.”

This is especially true in the case of Mary, who was identified by her teachers to take part in the programme to help her set goals for her personal development.

Prior to this, Mary was struggling in several areas which was impacting her behaviour. While her academic achievement wasn’t poor, her teachers felt that she needed to positively adapt her mindset and increase her self-belief.

During the programme, Mary’s progress has been significant and has developed both her maturity and independence. Mary has learned new coping mechanisms including:

- Leaving enough time for homework;
- Going on walks to keep a clear head;
- Keeping a clean bedroom;
- Not letting things worry her; and
- Not staring at her phone so much

In speaking of her participation on the programme, Mary commented:

“It’s made me realise that I don’t need to hate school. I have a more positive attitude because now I think before I act.”

The programme continues to support Mary in her development and the Town Foundation’s Steps to Success Mentor, John Keyes aims to catch up with her next term in order to further monitor progress. Mary is gearing up for her GCSEs and would like a future career working with children.

For further information relating to the Steps to Success programme, please contact the Town Foundation’s Steps to Success Mentor, John Keyes at or 01484 503 773.