The Huddersfield Town Foundation has been playing its part in helping local school children become more active by delivering BBC ‘Super Movers’ sessions in partner schools.

The programme, which runs in conjunction with the Premier League’s Primary Stars programme, uses bespoke and engaging resources to encourage primary school staff and pupils to include physical activity as part of their learning.

The annual Super Movers Day on Thursday 19 March acts as a celebration of this initiative. While the Town Foundation’s plans have sadly been sidelined due to Covid-19, they have not been deterred in encouraging young participants to keep fit.

Through the Super Movers website, teachers and families can access over 100 videos featuring famous faces from the world of football and children’s television, as well as an area to share tips with others.

All resources are free and easy to use with no extra equipment required, meaning anyone can access them whether you’re still at school or self-isolating.

Physical activity is proven to enhance academic achievement, as well as improving pupils’ concentration, behaviour and self-esteem.

In addition, the programme helps schools meet government guidelines by encouraging a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

In speaking of Super Movers, the Town Foundation’s Primary Stars Manager, Ruby Marlow commented:

“It’s a shame that we haven’t been able to deliver our planned activity on Super Movers Day itself.

However, we would encourage all school classes and families to access the resources and spend time keeping fit and learning each day, wherever you are.

You can test out your super moves in the kitchen before breakfast, or in the garden during a mid-morning break.”

To access the Super Movers website, please see the following link:

The Town Foundation delivers bespoke Primary Stars sessions in schools across Kirklees, all of which are designed in line with the national curriculum.

12 local schools are currently engaging in the Foundation’s Primary Stars programme, with 1350 students benefiting from delivery during the last academic year.

Covering English and Maths, PSHE and Physical Education, our coaches can assist in providing workshops, interventions or in a teaching assistant capacity.

For further information about Super Movers or the Premier League Primary Stars programme, please contact our Primary Stars Manager, Ruby Marlow at or on 07741 671070.