The Huddersfield Town Foundation is delighted to announce details of its new free weight management programme, Match-Fit Terriers!

Participants on the free 12-week programme will undertake a range of virtual sessions and check-ins with our team, as well as completing specific activities at home.

Topics covered will include behaviour change, goal setting, nutritional and health education, physical activity and building positive habits.

The programme, which is supported by Locala Community Partnerships and Kirklees Council, is targeted towards men aged 40 and above with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 30 and 50. It will support people to take small sustainable steps to have a healthier lifestyle and there will be rewards and incentives at each step of the course.

The 40-minute sessions will take place every Monday and Friday at 6pm, with the initial introductory session scheduled for Friday 12 February 2021.

The programme then officially gets underway on Monday 15 February, with every session taking place on Microsoft Teams.

Monday sessions will focus on a topic of the week relating to Weight Management with small group discussions and an educational focus. Friday sessions will take the form of a check-in to discuss the progress made and the challenges faced each week.

Due to the current situation in regard to Covid-19, sessions cannot be held in person, and so will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. An account can be set up for free and a link to each session will be emailed out the morning of.

You can access Microsoft Teams from a laptop, phone or tablet – you just need a stable internet connection! An accompanying booklet for the programme will be sent out in the post to the specified home address on your sign up form, which builds on the weekly content covered and looks to build healthy daily habits.

On the launch of the programme Maureen Quinn, Head of Children in Care, NCS and Health at the Town Foundation, commented:

“Our aim at the Town Foundation has always been to improve the lives of local people and the Match-Fit Terriers programme is designed to do exactly that.

Being able to share advice and progress with other participants will prove to be beneficial and we look forward to meeting all attendees next week! As football players show on the pitch they are a team we hope that our participants form a strong team and will support and encourage each other along their journeys”

To register your interest in the session or if you require further information, please contact Evan Hall on or 07741 671599.