Huddersfield Town’s official charity, the Town Foundation, is today celebrating 10 years of making a difference locally!

Founded in 2012, the Foundation has grown its delivery year on year to ensure that it meets the needs of the people of Kirklees and remains rooted in the community.

Its best-known programme is arguably the ‘Early Kick-Off’ Breakfast Clubs, which now provide children at 41 schools a free breakfast to start the day daily.

The first one opened at Christchurch Academy in October 2012, and more than two million meals have now been served

Town’s promotion to the Premier League in 2017 opened up a range of new funding opportunities, with the Foundation taking on the league’s Kicks and Primary Stars programmes.

These are still staples of the Foundation’s delivery, with Kicks providing free weekly football for children aged 8-18 and Stars seeing coaches work closely with schools to upskill staff and develop children.

Since that period, the Foundation has also grown to run several programmes in the fields of Education and Health.

Staff now work in secondary schools on the Premier League’s ‘Kicks Targeted’ programme, with the Foundation also running a Women’s Football Academy in partnership with Calderdale College and foundation-level degrees with the EFL Trust and University of South Wales.

The Health strand includes Walking Football, Sporting Memories, Mental Health Football and partnership work with the likes of Branches in Batley at Mencap Kirklees.

In January 2022 the Foundation developed a new strategy for the next three to five years and updated its logo, aligning itself more closely with the Huddersfield Town brand.

This has gone down well and will ensure that the Foundation serves the community in which it resides in the best possible way!

Throughout Friday 1 July, there will be a timeline looking back at the past 10 years on the Foundation’s Twitter page. Be sure to take a look and engage where you can!

You can support this vital community work in varying ways. If you’d like to make a monetary donation, either as a one-off payment or monthly direct debit, please do so via Just Giving by CLICKING HERE.

Updates on the Club’s charity’s work are posted regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Alternatively, the Foundation is always on to look out for volunteer and casual staff, to assist with coaching on its football programmes and work on specific events.

If this would be of interest to you, or you have any queries about the Foundation and its work, please get in contact with the team via email: help@htafcfoundation.com or phone: 01484 503 773.