Terriers Talk is a weekly one-hour online session for passionate Huddersfield Town fans that are located in the local area and nationwide.

The session has been running since 2021, originally being set up during the COVID-19 pandemic to combat social isolation, and it helps to keep the group connected each week.

A core group of six participants have been attending every week since its inception, and we are always looking for new participants to join in on the conversation, whether that be discussing the latest Town fixture, sharing memories of the past, or talking about current footballing topics.

The session provides a great platform to build relationships with others through the conversation of football and Huddersfield Town.

Here is what some of our participants had to say about their experience of Terriers Talk:

Jon Pidgeon: “I first joined the sessions during the lockdown. It’s good to talk with other Town fans and swap opinions, whether it be about recent matches or games from a long time ago, good times as well as bad, and with it being online, it means that it doesn’t matter where people are when they join in. I no longer live in Huddersfield, so apart from match days I don’t usually meet other Town fans. The regular quizzes test our sporting knowledge and can often kick off other discussions. It’s been a good way to broaden my social contacts, starting from a common passion.”

John Wilson: “Our Monday morning chat and quiz sessions are a real highlight of the week. The debates about Town and other football-related topics are always enjoyable and the quizzes certainly get the brain cells working.  I would recommend anyone with an hour to spare to give it a try.”

Paul Gillespie: “I have been participating in the online sessions since its inception. It has developed into a friendly, interactive experience where we discuss recent Town matches and football in general, sharing our opinions and recommendations, as well as reminiscing about happier times, and, occasionally, we stray into other sports. There is a weekly group quiz which tests our memories – nothing too serious apart from ‘Spot the Ball’.”

Prior to the Foundation takeover game against Middlesbrough, we had a special ‘Spot the Ball’ competition that took place to celebrate the session and share its story with the rest of the Town supporters.

If you would like more information on the session, please contact help@htafcfoundation.com with your enquiry.