Let The Town Foundation Help You

As the Town Foundation continues to grow, the next new, exciting, campaign could benefit you!

The Town Foundation is looking to support small, local, community-based projects in Kirklees through its brand new Go For It Grant scheme.

Go For It Grant will allow organisations, youth groups and charities to benefit as the Town Foundation looks to make a further impact in the community.

Grants will be issued to projects that demonstrate benefits to their local areas and provide long-term benefits to the local communities.

Projects that are original and innovative will be supported, with grants up to £1,000 per application being issued. Newly formed groups can only apply up to £500.

The funding criteria gives an example of the type of groups and projects that are excluded from the Huddersfield Town Foundation Go For It Grant:

– Groups other than community, self-help and voluntary groups

– Social enterprises (includingCICS, IPS or Credit Unions except for non-core activity)

– Grant or loan schemes

– Political campaigning

– Cadets

– Statutory bodies

– A private profit-making organisation/commercial organisation

– For the sole benefit of any individual

– Specific religious worship (excluding other groups)

– Projects administered by a third party

– Projects that could be reasonably expected to secure finance by other means

– Non-charitable purposes (Groups do not have to be a charity to apply, however, the project funded must have a charitable purpose, i.e. benefit the wider community)

To be eligible for a grant, groups must demonstrate a genuine community focused project and complete our short application process.

Applications to the Go For It Grant can be downloaded from the Huddersfield Town Foundation website www.htafcfoundation.com or by contacting the office on 01484 503773 or email goforit@htafcfoundation.com.

Once your application has been submitted, the Huddersfield Town Foundation Go For It Fund panel will discuss it and successful applicants will hear back within two months.

Please note the Go For It Fund has a limited amount of money and may only have enough to make a donation towards the project.

Operations and Events Manager at the Town Foundation, Julie Sheffield commented:

“We are delighted to announce our brand-new Go For It Grant scheme so we can make a further difference in the community.

“Since the re-launch of the Town Foundation, we have been working hard to make more of an impact in Huddersfield and the surrounding areas, so having the ability to support other local projects is really exciting.

“If you think that your project demonstrates a genuine impact on the community, then please get in contact with us.”